Adopt A Dolphin

The Dolphin Discovery Centre’s Adopt a Dolphin Program supports the conservation of dolphins and the broader marine environment.

Bottlenose Dolphins are found in Australian waters and in many oceans worldwide. By adopting one of our Koombana Bay dolphins you are assisting our organisation to monitor and protect these wonderful marine mammals. Your contribution will help us to increase our public education programs, provide safe interaction with humans and support our research and study programs.

Bottlenose Dolphins and all marine mammals globally face increasing pressure from human activities, so despite numbers being abundant, we must remain vigilant. With increased public awareness about dolphins and marine conservation, we have a greater chance of ensuring their sustainability.

By adopting a Koombana Bay Bottlenose Dolphin, not only do you have the satisfaction of knowing you are making a difference, but you will also receive gifts of appreciation according to the level of your contribution.

Choose Your Dolphin

Rescue dolphin named Eclipse jumping out of ocean

Name: Eclipse

Status: Available for adoption

She is one of our very regular beach dolphins, often visiting our Interaction Zone and enthralling our guests. This year Eclipse has become a mum and her calf Leap is the first confirmed 4th generation calf.

Help to support our conservation programs

Rescue dolphin named Levy jumping out of ocean

Name: Levy

Status: Available for adoption

Levy was born in 1994. Levy and her calves often visit and enthrall our guests in our Beach Interaction Zone.

Help to support our conservation programs

Rescue dolphin named Cracker swimming in ocean

Name: Cracker

Status: Available for adoption

Cracker is often seen with the other females from the maternal group, including Shanty, Levy, Key and Flat-top spending quality mum and baby time together within the safety of the shallow waters of Leschenault Estuary.

Help to support our conservation programs

Rescue dolphin named Calypso swimming in ocean

Name: Calypso

Status: Available for adoption

Calypso is the calf of Shanty and is often very inquisitive with guests on our Swim Tours. Although she is only a very occasional visitor to the Interaction Zone, she comes very close to people and often stays for quite long periods of time, sometimes when older brother Osho is visiting.

Help to support our conservation programs

Rescue dolphin named Shanty swimming in ocean Shanty
Rescue dolphin named Shredder swimming in ocean Shredder
Rescue dolphin named Eclipse swimming in ocean Eclipse
Rescue dolphin named Levy swimming in ocean Levy
Rescue dolphin named Osho swimming in ocean Osho
Rescue dolphin named Calypso swimming in ocean Calypso

Steps for Adoption

Steps for adoption
1. Choose a dolphin
2. Click through and fill out form
3. Promote your cause

Types of Adoption

We have a range of adoption packages to suit all budgets.