Interaction Zone

With so many dolphins living along the coast, Bunbury and Koombana Bay offer the perfect opportunity for dolphins and humans to meet and interact. The Interaction Zone has been designated as a special dolphin protection area for this very purpose. Under strict license conditions set out by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA), the Centre has been able to offer a unique interactive experience on the beach right in front of the Centre since 1989. Dolphin Volunteers have been trained to ensure the interaction guidelines are followed and they will always be present on the beach to answer your questions and manage the interaction should dolphins visit the Zone. Naturally, being a wild animal there is no set time, however, the most common visit times are in the mornings of the warmer months between 8 am – 12 noon!

Interaction Zone Rules

Tour Details
Do not enter the water without dolphin volunteer supervision.
Remain within the designated licenced areas of the Interaction Zone.
Follow all instructions given to you by our dolphin volunteers.
Do not attempt to feed or touch the dolphins.
Do not chase or follow the dolphins; let them approach you.
Do not swim with the dolphins at any time.
Allow the dolphins to swim freely.
Remain knee to waist deep at all times unless instructed otherwise.
No flash photography.
Avoid sun cream on the legs when in the water.

Other facilities

  • Cafe/Restaurant.
  • Interpretive Centre.
  • Dolphin Eco Cruise.
  • Dolphin Swim Tour.

Want to learn more about dolphins?

Our volunteers in red shirts are happy to answer any of your questions, however, we recommend you visit our fantastic Interpretive Centre for the full experience.

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