Adopt A Turtle

Endangered marine turtles are often washed up on beaches throughout the South West of our state, usually after storms which throw the young turtles out of their journey via the Leeuwin Current. The Dolphin Discovery Centre plays an integral part in their well-being and recovery, ultimately rehabilitating them enough to release the turtles back into the warmer waters off Exmouth, WA.

For us humans, it’s a bit hard to tell one turtle from another so when we rescue them we use a system of coloured fingernail polish markings so that we can track individual health, feeding program and data collection during their time with us. This does not harm the turtle at all and wears off and has to be replaced every few days.

We care for these turtles at our own cost for months at a time and would love for you to be involved by participating in our Adoption Program. We have a Corporate Adopt a Turtle Project, where your business can be actively involved in adopting a specific turtle. Check out our different Turtle Adoption Packages and help to make a difference!

Support our Turtle Rescue & Rehabilitation

Name: Turtle Rescue & Rehabilitation

Status: Available

In the wild only 1 turtle in 1000 survives from hatching to adulthood. So every turtle we can rescue and release is vital to the sustainability of the species. Choose from four different levels of Adoption, E Adoption $50, Gift Pack $100, Corporate Pack $250, Sponsorship Pack $500.

Your contribution supports our Aquaculture Team in rehabilitating rescued Turtles.

Intensive Care Pod
Rescue turtle named Cleopatra Cleopatra ready for measuring
Weekly measuring
in our large rehabilitation tank
Rescue turtle named Jett Jett
Information Board about all turtles
Rescue turtle named Mello Yello Mello Yello
Important to monitor growth
Numbers on the back help id the turtle
Rescue turtle named Barney Barney
how heavy am I today?
ready for the big trip home
the nicest face!
Two turtles on the beach heading towards ocean almost home...
Turtle crawling towards the ocean equipped with tracker

Steps for Adoption

Steps for adoption
1. Select the program
2. Choose your level
3. Click through and fill out form