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Endangered marine turtles are often washed up on beaches throughout the South West of our state, usually after storms which throw the young turtles out of their journey via the Leeuwin Current. The Dolphin Discovery Centre plays an integral part in their well-being and recovery, ultimately rehabilitating them enough to release the turtles back into the warmer waters off Exmouth, WA.

For us humans, it’s a bit hard to tell one turtle from another so when we rescue them we use a system of coloured fingernail polish markings so that we can track individual health, feeding program and data collection during their time with us. This does not harm the turtle at all and wears off and has to be replaced every few days.

We feed and house these turtles at our own cost for months at a time and would love to have you help us out. We have a Corporate Adopt a Turtle Project, where your business can be actively involved in adopting a specific turtle. Check out our different Turtle Adoption Packages and help to make a difference!

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Bounty the Turtle

Name: Bounty

Status: Available for adoption

Bounty was saved by a beach-goer on Injinup Beach, on the southwest coast of Western Australia, on September 5th 2019. This tiny tough little turtle was climbing for “his” life into the sand dunes, amid 3m swell and rocks! His saviour brought him to Bunbury the Dolphin Discovery Centre (DDC) to be cared for and rehabilitated.

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Ngari the Turtle

Name: Ngari

Status: Available for adoption

Ngari was found stranded on the beach by surfers, and taken to wildlife carer in Margaret River overnight, then transported to Dolphin Discovery Centre by DBCA Parks & Wildlife Officers.

Ngari was intact, meaning it had not lost any flippers to a hungry predator. (We do not know their gender until they are older & the males tail grows longer than the females).

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Happy the Turtle

Name: Happy Chappy

Status: Available for adoption

Happy Chappy was found stranded on Bunbury Back Beach on June 28th 2019, after a big storm hit the southwest coast of Western Australia. It was brought to the Bunbury Dolphin Discovery Centre for specialised care & rehabilitation by our Aquarist, Vet and Volunteer Team.

At only 72 grams in weight and with a carapace (shell) length of 6.3cm, Happy was one of the tiniest turtles ever rescued and rehabilitated at the DDC, and as the name suggests, also one of the happiest.

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Rescue turtle named Titan

Name: Titan

Status: Available for adoption

Titan the Turtle has had a very rough start to life. Since being found stranded on Gnarabup Beach near Margaret River in July, Titan’s recovery has been a slow process. He has a good appetite and is gaining weight, but his diving ability has not improved at all since arrival. X-rays have revealed a large amount of gas in his intestinal cavity. Our Aquarist and Volunteer Vet have been aspirating weekly (removing the gas via syringe). We are really hopeful that in time Titan will make a full recovery and be released with the rest of our rehabilitated turtles. Titan only weighed 72 g when found and was only 7.7 cm long.

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Steps for Adoption

Steps for adoption
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