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Volunteer Terms & Conditions

  WHAT DOES VOLUNTEERING FOR THE DOLPHIN DISCOVERY CENTRE INVOLVE? We have two types of volunteers at the DDC: Long term Those who live and work in the Bunbury region and have offered to contribute a certain amount of time/ week to the centre. They are required to spend a minimum of one 4 hour hour shift per week / 16 hours per month for a minimum of 6 months. Short term This usually only applies to students and visitors to the Bunbury region who wish to help out for a short time. Due to the time it takes for the volunteer to become familiar with the centre, we expect a minimum commitment of 20 hours per week for 6 weeks. As a short term volunteer, the position involves working 5 days a week, 4 hours per day, including 1 x weekend shift REQUIREMENTS
  • Minimum age – 16 years
  • Commitment to the aims and objectives of DDC
  • Good communication skills
  • Polite and courteous to the public at all times
  • Able to be a team member
  • Neat appearance
  • Can speak English fluently
  • Sign a Statement of Agreement and abide by the conditions within that Agreement
  • Attend initial training sessions (2 mornings) and meetings
  • Complete daily timesheets and weekly Rosters of Duties
  • Supply black shorts. A volunteer shirt will be provided on payment of $25 after training
  • Allow the Dolphin Discovery Centre to use any photos taken of you or by you with our camera
  • International Volunteers must show their travel insurance documents
  • Act as visitor guides to DDC, to educate the public on dolphins and the environment
  • Assist in the Interaction Zone when dolphins visit the beach
  • Assist in research and recording data
  • General maintenance, cleaning and assist wherever requested


Volunteers are asked to sign a formal commitment to the centre. This will involve;
  • Doing the required hours and days/ week (depending upon whether you are a short or long term volunteer).
  • Using a weekly roster system for all shifts
  • Attending a monthly meeting, which is considered essential for the ongoing development of volunteers and their duties.
  • Learning all information provided about the dolphins and the DDC.
  • Notifying the Volunteer Supervisor or the Volunteer Coordinator if unable to make shifts or leaving for a period of time.
  • To notify supervisors if volunteers are no longer interested in being involved in the program or if unsatisfied to voice concerns to the volunteer supervisor rather than other volunteers or the general public.
  • Sign a pledge agreement that includes both the volunteers and the DDC responsibilities.
  • Accurately state Medical Information on application form.
  • Talking to visitors on the beach - explaining what the Dolphin Discovery Centre does.  Being a volunteer at the Dolphin Discovery Centre can be a wonderful experience, you meet people from all around the world, not to mention the dolphins. However your time as a volunteer will involve a lot more than being in the water with the dolphins. Talking and answering questions is a very important part of a volunteer’s role.
  • Assisting to manage the Interaction Zone when dolphins visit
  • Managing Discovery Room area.
  • Assisting with the research program recording observations in the bay and monitoring of dolphin visits to the zone.
  • Inputting the research data into databases for analysis.
  • Assisting with the care and maintenance of our Aquariums.
  • General maintenance and cleaning.
  • Tour guiding through the Interpretive Centre for the general public, tour groups and school students
  • Participating in ’’Coastcare” activities and assist with current projects.
The Dolphin Discovery Centre does NOT provide or cover the costs for:
  • Transport to Bunbury, Western Australia
  • Transport or Accommodation whilst in Bunbury
  • Food provisions
It is worth remembering that 80% of the volunteer’s work involves talking to the public on the beach or in the Centre, plus other duties.  Only a small amount of time is actually involved ‘in-water’ with the dolphins.

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