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Discovery Centre

The Dolphin Discovery Centre has a long history of conservation and research of the Bottlenose Dolphins that live in Koombana Bay.  The Discovery Centre is designed to educate visitors on the bay. What lives in the waters and other marine life around the world.  There are also sound booths which imitate the underwater noises dolphins make for communication.

360 degree Digital Dolphinarium

Admission to the Dolphin Discovery Centre 

(Admission Tickets are valid for up to 3 visits)

$10.00 Adults
$5.00 Concession / Students / YHA
$5.00 Children (4-14)
$25.00 Family (2 Adults and 2 Children 4 -14)

(note: Swim Tour and Dolphin Eco-Cruise bookings include Admission to the centre)

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The 360 degree digital dolphinarium is the first of its kind in the southern hemisphere and portrays three short stories about dolphins, the experience is not to be missed. A short 3D movie on the dolphins of Koombana Bay is another popular attraction.  This has been produced courtesy of a valued volunteer Axel Grossman, whom is an avid underwater photographer and cinematographer.

For the big kids and the little ones there is a display of shells and marine life which can be viewed under the microscope, check out the markings and see if you can guess what creature it is?

Exploring the Discovery Pool
Exploring the Discovery Pool
Feeding our Octopus
Feeding our Octopus watch out you don’t get wet!!


Have you ever touched a star fish or a sea cucumber? Our discovery pool (under the guidance of one of our volunteers) allows everyone to experience what these marine creatures feel like.


One of the Dolphin Discovery Centre’s favourite displays is of the Port Jackson Shark. With its distinct markings they are a popular shark to see in our south coast waters.

Another attraction is seeing how our rehabilitated turtles are faring.  The Dolphin Discovery Centre turtle rehabilitation program is overseen by the Department of Parks and Wildlife.  Often one will get washed up on the beach after a storm and is in need of a little assistance in recovering from their adventures.  The turtles are weighed and measured weekly and the data is recorded to measure their well being.  Most marine turtle species are endangered so the work being done to rescue these little guys is really important.

Measuring our rescue turtles
Measuring our rescue turtles
Weighing our rescue turtles
Weighing our rescue turtles

Big or small there is a wealth of information that our volunteers can impart. In turn they would love to learn about your own travels.

From Our Blog

Hi everyone, my name is Phil and I am the Centres marine Biologist and the swimming with dolphins tour host. I just wanted to let you know that the past few weeks has seen a dramatic increase in the number

What an incredible start to the dolphin season! With a relatively quiet winter period now well and truly behind us,  the warmer water and perfect weather conditions have sparking a dolphin visits boom.

What an exciting day today for our lucky guests who joined the dolphin sightseeing tour. Not only did they enjoy a large family of dolphins playing in the Bay, but they also had the fortune to observe