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The Construction Company for our Redevelopment has been appointed and work will begin on February 5th 2018. We will remain open as usual until the 1st of May 2018, then we will be closing until the construction is complete in December 2018.

Our volunteer program will be operating at a reduced capacity, so we won't be accepting any volunteers during this time.

If you are a new applicants can you please be advised that we will accept new volunteers until mid- March 2018, then we will close the short term program until the end of October 2018, so first training date for the following season will be October 22nd, then every 2 weeks after that.
Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of our Volunteer Program. The Dolphin Discovery Centre relies on the assistance of volunteers to advise visitors on the aims and objectives of the Centre, help manage the dolphin interaction program and act as a guide for Dolphin Discovery Centre.  In many ways they are the backbone of our organisation. The Dolphin Discovery Centre is committed to Conservation, Education, Tourism & Research of our local population of wild Bottlenose dolphins, and our volunteers are a highly valued & vital part of our organisation. FIRST ! - Think about why you want to volunteer?

If the only reason you can think of is to swim with the dolphins, then maybe you should reconsider, your time as a volunteer will involve a lot more than just being in the water with dolphins.

By volunteering for the Dolphin Discovery Centre you will achieve a great sense of satisfaction knowing that you are assisting in a worthwhile project to increase public awareness about dolphins and other marine life.

Apply Online

Testimonial: Thank you again for the opportunity to come to the Dolphin Discovery Centre.  It was a great experience.  Before I went to Australia, I have had any idea, how wonderful our world is! And I travel a lot!:) Dolphins took me to Australia and I came back home with love in my heart. With love to animals, to people and to myself.  I can feel changes in me after this journey...and I think this experience completely changed my life.  In your centre I met people, who helped me to change my opinion about me and about this world.  I miss Dolphins, you and Australia а lot. And of course I think about coming back!!! Hopefully soon:)  Take care .Yours, Elena from Germany

What does volunteering involve?

We have two types of volunteers at the Bunbury Dolphin Discovery Centre: Long term volunteers are usually those who live and work in the Bunbury region. They must spend a minimum of four hours at the Centre each week for a minimum of six months, although they are welcome to spend much more. Short term volunteers are usually visitors to the Bunbury region and/or those who want to be involved for a short time only. To become a short term volunteer you must be able to spend a minimum of six weeks at the Centre and be available to come in at least five days a week. There is a standard minimum of 4 hours per day including one weekend shift.

Activities of a volunteer:

  • Talking to visitors on the beach - explaining what the Dolphin Discovery Centre does
  • Assisting in the management of the Interaction Zone during dolphin visits
  • Participating in "Coastcare" activities and assisting with current research projects
  • Assisting with dolphin observations in the Bay and monitoring of dolphin visits to the zone
  • General maintenance and cleaning
  • Tour guiding through the Interpretive Centre for the general public, tour groups and school students
  • Generally assisting with various tasks around the Centre including on Eco Cruises and Swim Tours when required
Apply Online
Volunteer Application Form [238kb] - For Downloading and emailing/posting or handing into the Dolphin Discovery Centre. Terms and Conditions of becoming a Dolphin Discovery Centre Volunteer.
Please email your form to
mail to PO Box 1178 Bunbury WA 6231 or
Fax: (08) 97913 420

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