Adopt a Stable of Seahorses

Grave concerns are held for the future of Seahorse populations, as globally over 20 Million wild Seahorses are being taken from the oceans each year.  Our Seahorse Conservation Project involves our dedicated Aquarist team breeding these amazing animals to supply to Aquariums, therefore reducing demand for wild animals to be captured.

Your adoption helps fund our Seahorse Breeding Project, and at the Bunbury Dolphin Discovery Centre, you can visit your stable of these weird and wonderful creatures.


Seahorse Conservation Project

Name: A Stable of Seahorses

Status: Available

Seahorse Breeding is a vital step in the recovery of Seahorse populations around the world.

Support our Seahorse Breeding Project

baby seahorses
tiny seahorses

Steps for Adoption

Steps for adoption
1. Select the program
2. Choose your level of adoption
3. Click through and fill out the form