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Founding Name: Mossy
Mossy likes to be the first to the prawn and the feeder better watch their fingers ....
Location Found  Stratham
Date Found  15th August 2017
Initial Weight & Length Weight 153 grams Length 9 cm
Distinguished Markings  This little turtle was admitted to the DDC covered in Algae and with superficial abrasions.  It's shell is quite dark in comparison to most other baby Loggerheads
Latest Weight and length  Weight 1625 grams Length 22.8 cm 16th March 2018
Overall Progress The person who found this little guy suggested calling it "Stinky" , but we didn't think that was very flattering so suggested Ian Moss, or Mossy, because it was covered in algae. Turtles which are unwell often have algae and external parasites as they have been too weak to remove them by rubbing on overhanging rocks etc. Mossy is a quiet little turtle, but often tries to sneak in and steal food from the other turtles mouths! It can dive quite well and stay submerged, but not for very long periods of time yet. Mossys algae and abrasions have all gone, so it's shell is perfectly clean now. It's appetite & health are improving daily, and it won't be long before it can be moved out of intensive care and into the "Big Kids" tank
Funding received so far  $0.00

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