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Founding Name: Michelangelo
Michelangelo, was the first turtle  received into Dolphin Discovery Centre Turtle Rehabilitation for the 2017 turtle stranding season .... He loves Hi 5's and swimming in circles.

Adopted by Bunbury & Eaton Vet Clinics
Location Found  Secret Harbour
Date Found  July 12th 2017
Initial Weight & Length Weight 68.2 grams Length 7cm
Distinguished Markings  Michelangelo had lost most of it's front left flipper. It was an old injury, fully healed and not hindering the turtle at all.
Latest Weight and length Weight  2125 grams Length  24.2cm 16th March 2018
Overall Progress Michelangelo arrived with "Floating Syndrome", meaning that as a result of being unwell and stranded it could not dive, was very dehydrated and was not eating. Michelangelo was quite active though, unlike some other turtles that we receive which are close to death. After being re-hydrated and treated for parasites Michelangelo responded really quickly. It began eating well, putting on weight and diving for food Michelangelo has progressed through our "Intensive Care" tanks to our display tank, it can now rest on the bottom of the tank, which is a sure sign  that it is well on the road to recovery.
Funding received so far  $200.00

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