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We get some really lovely testimonials and I’ve decided to put them on their own page.  If anyone is on Trip Advisor though and would like to post their comments there – that would also be fantastic! – Tiffany, Marketing Dolphin Discovery Centre –

We knew that the wild dolphins may or may not visit on the day we planned to go, but we were happy to check out the rest of the centre anyway. We checked the weather forecast and shifted our itinerary such that we could go on a sunny day. Turns out dolphins tend not to visit when weather conditions are rough, so our decision was prescient!We arrived around 10:45am, and pottered around the quaint homey little rock pool and aquarium, staffed by lovely volunteers who really wowed our 2 little children. They got acquainted with the rock pool inhabitants, and watched feeding time!Suddenly there was some activity, and the (10-15?) folks visiting at the time dashed out to the beach where we were treated to one of the most magical experiences of our lives! Those who live nearby and volunteer are so blessed to be able to interact with these amazing dolphins on a regular basis!We saw 5 dolphins frolic in front of us, and waded out in a line, mesmerized by the beauty and proximity of these wild yet tame and oh so playful creatures.It was a glorious sunny day, and our kids loved the beach and playground. The coloring materials were also a sweet child-friendly touch provided by this centre. We learnt so much about dolphins that day (there was a guided tour by a really knowledgeable and humourous guide) and we’re so glad a centre like this exists – it’s such a wonderful form of advocacy for wild dolphins’ conservation.Photos and more details of our wonderful experience can be found here. Via Trip Advisor
“Great place to visit”
“Great day out”
“Lovely place to visit with the kids”
We decided against the boat tour, and instead opted for just the Discovery Centre. The price was great and the kids enjoyed learning about the octopus and Port Jackson shark while we saw them being fed. There’s a playground there and a kiosk, though there’s not a huge choice on offer. Well worth visiting if you have a spare hour or 2.
Reviewed 10th October 2014
“Come along and see the dolphins”
If you are standing at the beach in front of the Discovery Centre and you are looking very hard in every direction to see as the first person the dolphin coming in- you get so excited.
Then one dolphin arrives swims along just only five meters from the shore- the volunteers from the DDC gather the people and then you are allowed to enter the water- sometimes 5 or six dolphins come at the same time.
Reviewed 30th September 2014
“Great value”
Staff incredibly knowledgeable and happy to answer any questions. Exhibits interesting and facilities good. Spent 2 hours easily here.
Reviewed 25th September 2014
“Great place for toddler”
The ticket for adult entitles the holder for 3 visits. Kids below 3 is free. The main reason is that dolphin sighting is not guaranteed. We didn’t manage to see any dolphins near the shore the two times we were there. Mainly due to cold and rainy weather. Nevertheless my 3 year old boy enjoyed himself. The volunteer staff were really friendly and informative. On the first day when we were there, a staff took time to let my little one play with starfish and showed him the sole fishes buried in the sand of the “hands-on” tank. On second day, while we were there, there was a short educational program where the volunteer entertained the kids while explaining to them all the interesting facts about octopus. Highlight was the feeding of the octopus. The mascot dolphin made up for the disappointment of not seeing the real one for my son.
Reviewed 24th September 2014
“Crispins on Tour”
Non profit organisation, run by very friendly,enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff.
We turned up and instead of asking for our money was told that dolphins were in the bay and as not to miss them we could pay later.
Saw lots of dolphins feeding. As we watched, we had a running commentary from one of the volunteers as to the activity, the various dolphins they get and their behavior, habits etc.
Watched them feeding other aquatic animals, octopus etc. Knowledge of these was equally impressive. Highly recommend a visit.
Reviewed 15th August
“Lovely place to visit”
On the day we went, there were no dolphins to be seen, however, the volunteers of this centre were so friendly and knew everything of the marine creatures in their care. The 2 octopi did not disappoint! When they were being fed, they managed to squirt water all over the place and one wrapped herself around the arm of the volunteer (she was harmless, by the way).
If you go at the right time, you can stand in the water and have dolphins swimming past you – at only $10 pp. I wished we were there at the right time!
Reviewed 15th June 2014
“Great experience”
Visiting during the winter the swimming encounter is not available but I was still able to go on the Eco cruise. Best to get to the centre a little before 10 am as the octopus feeding begins at 10. Staff are very helpful and informative. After an hour’s search we finally found a pod of dolphins that came close by. Well worth the trip. If going on the boat trip in the winter make sure you have warm clothing. The digital dolphinarium is also worth experiencing. You feel you’re part of the pod feeding.
Reviewed 14th June 2014
“Wonderful unforgettable experience”
Our daughter Lorinda Mouton took us to experience the feeling of standing in the water with the dolphins swimming right in front of you. We also went on the boat to where they stay with a very informative skipper. We loved it! What an experience and to tell people in South Africa about it and showing the photo’s to prove it, even better:) The staff are also very friendly with everybody and very knowledgeable.
Reviewed 3rd June 2014
“Fun day out”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Great for the kids and adults alike, with a touch pool and an assortment of other live marine life on display. The highlight of course is the dolphins, on our visit with family and grand children the dolphins came in several times, getting there around 9am is best so you don’t miss them. A tip though to actually view the dolphins you don’t need to pay as the beach is a public area, but too appreciate and support the work done what’s a view dollars.
Reviewed 30th May
“Worth the trip”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Super-friendly and helpful staff but this place over the top for us. They had recommendations (and directions!) for nearby activities and were amazing. We took the dolphin cruise and saw dolphin pods most of the time while we were out on the water. Note – these are wild dolphins that just do what they want. Lots to learn and some interesting fish tanks inside, too – including octopuses (octopi?), a sea hare, and sea horses. There was an immerse 360 degree dolphin theater too, which was pretty amazing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Visited May 2014
“Highly recommended to visit if your’re in Perth”
We have been to the Bunbury Dolphin Discovery Centre a few times and have been lucky to be able to meet the dolphins up close on the shore. Its quite an experience as these are wild dolphins. Its only 2-hours drive down from Perth so you either drive down early in the morning or spend a night in Bunbury as you’d have higher chances of meeting the dolphins in the morning than other times of the day. Even if you don’t get to see the dolphins, the centre is a nice place to relax for coffee breaks. There is playground for kids and aquarium. The staff (most are volunteers) are also friendly and always willing to share their experience in their researches on the local dolphins.
Reviewed 8th May 2014
“Great day out”
The Dolphin Discovery Centre is about to be redeveloped we were told.
The centre is pretty basic, but has interesting marine animals to view and learn about. A great adventure for kids.
We also did the boat trip, which was fun. We saw lots of dolphins and some lovely coastal scenery.
It can be cold on the water, so take a jacket, bottled water and perhaps a snack, as no food or drink is supplied.
Reviewed 7th May 2014
“Great place to visit”
My children and I fell in love with the Dolphin Discovery Centre. Great value for money and plenty of things to keep the kids busy while waiting for the dolphins to come. Although we didn’t get to watch a feeding session, we still saw dolphins coming close to shore and the staff were very apologetic. The staff were all very friendly and extremely passionate. They were all very inspiring people, my young daughter came away telling me that she wants to come back and work here when she grows up. Highly recommend a visit.
Reviewed 4th May 2014
“Very good for the price”
For $10 you get to get up and close to wild dolphins. At 8:45am 1 dolphin came close into shore and the volunteers usher us out into the water about knee height. The dolphin then comes up and repeatedly swims up close to us. It was soon joined by a 2nd dolphin. Wonderful experience. There are also Aquariums inside with other Marine animals and some information about the lifes of Dolphins. Good value for money.
Reviewed April 2014
“Exceeded expectations! Great value for money Eco-tourism run by passionate people!”
I loved every minute of it. I was skeptical at first.
We did the Eco-boat tour for 1.5 hours and got to see many pods of dolphins. Our skipper was really passionate and knowledgeable about dolphins and gave us a lot of information.
I love that these dolphins were in fact in the wild and not lured there!
It is getting too cold for the dolphins to come up to the shore for an interaction but included in the price of the boat ride you get two re-entries per person! (Great value!)
We used the entertainment book discount (25% off) and are students so at $30 each it was truly worth it. I wouldn’t hesitate to pay the full $49 either for Eco-tourism and the fact that they are non for profit and the money goes back into conservation!Definitely worth it!
Reviewed 30th April 2014The aquarium itself was not very big and maybe not totally worth the $10 entry fee but if you get to interact with the dolphins it would definitely be worth it! But why not try the boat trip?

“Must see if you are coming to Bunbury”
5 of 5 starsReviewed 21 April 2014

The Dolphin Discovery Centre has so much to offer everyone at an budget. Learn about them in the centre or you can go on a boat and swim with them. Most of the staff are volunteers and will help you in any way they can. Bunbury is a great place to take some time out. – via Trip Advisor

Wonderful experience for all the family”

Reviewed 11 April 2014

We managed to go on the one trip all summer where the dolphins didn’t interact and yet we still had a great experience. Staff were knowledgeable and good humored and were outstanding in the way they helped my 8 year old son to snorkel when he lost his nerve. Saw a few dolphins very close up and can’t fault the efforts of the boat crew to find them. Very fair partial refund policy/further trip when the dolphins do not interact-remember they are not in captivity here but truly wild. I would definitely go back if I could and it was still a great experience. The whole thing was very well organised-thanks guys!

Visited April 2014



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