We get some really lovely testimonials and I’ve decided to put them on their own page.  If anyone is on Trip Advisor though and would like to post their comments there – that would also be fantastic! – Tiffany, Marketing Dolphin Discovery Centre – tiffany@dolphindiscovery.com.au

We knew that the wild dolphins may or may not visit on the day we planned to go, but we were happy to check out the rest of the centre anyway. We checked the weather forecast and shifted our itinerary such that we could go on a sunny day. Turns out dolphins tend not to visit when weather conditions are rough, so our decision was prescient!We arrived around 1045am, and pottered around the quaint homey little rock pool and aquarium, staffed by lovely volunteers who really wowed our 2 little children. They got acquainted with the rock pool inhabitants, and watched feeding time!Suddenly there was some activity, and the (10-15?) folks visiting at the time dashed out to the beach where we were treated to one of the most magical experiences of our lives! Those who live nearby and volunteer are so blessed to be able to interact with these amazing dolphins on a regular basis!We saw 5 dolphins frolic in front of us, and waded out in a line, mesmerised by the beauty and proximity of these wild yet tame and oh so playful creatures.It was a glorious sunny day, and our kids loved the beach and playground. The colouring materials were also a sweet child-friendly touch provided by this centre. We learnt so much about dolphins that day (there was a guided tour by a really knowledgeable and humourous guide) and we’re so glad a centre like this exists – it’s such a wonderful form of advocacy for wild dolphins’ conservation.Photos and more details of our wonderful experience can be found here. http://littlebluebottle.blogspot.sg/2013/09/perth-2013-wading-with-wild-dolphins.html Via Trip Advisor

Wonderful experience for all the family”

Reviewed 11 April 2014 NEWvia mobile

We managed to go on the one trip all summer where the dolphins didn’t interact and yet we still had a great experience. Staff were knowledgable and good humoured and were outstanding in the way they helped my 8 year old son to snorkel when he lost his nerve. Saw a few dolphins very close up and can’t fault the efforts of the boat crew to find them. Very fair partial refund policy/further trip when the dolphins do not interact-remember they are not in captivity here but truly wild. I would definitely go back if I could and it was still a great experience. The whole thing was very well organised-thanks guys!

Visited April 2014


Reviewed 22 March 2014

We arrived just before 9am and were rewarded with a visit from two dolphins a little while later. One stayed and played for about half and hour… an amazing experience.. made even more so beacuse the dolphins are wild and are not fed to encourage them.. they simply come to say hello. We were told that the best time for these beach encounters is between 8-11am.
We then took the 11.15am eco cruise. Apart from just enjoying the cruise around the beautiful bay and estuary, we saw several large pods of dolphins in their natural habitat.
The aquarium in the centre is also very interesting.. we “played” ( through the glass) with a very curious octopus.
There’s also a cafe with reasonably priced food and drinks.. great for lunch or morning tea.
All staff were very friendly and helpful. We ended up staying the whole day and were rewarded

 “Cruising on the Bay!”

Reviewed 21 March 2014

It was good value and the young man driving the boat very knowledgable and approachable. We saw a lot of dolphins – a bonus. The staff in the centre were very polite. Recommended.

Visited March 2014


Reviewed 16 March 2014

We enjoyed our eco tour watching the dolphins.The exhibit at the centre is very informative.The eco tour was very interesting and we learned a lot about dolphins

Visited March 2014

 “The best WA experience of our trip”

Reviewed 21 February 2014 via mobile

We were so fortunate to have an up close and personal experience with a curious dolphin and saw so many others in their natural habitat. The weather was absolutely beautiful and the staff were wonderful…their warm and friendly treatment of us and kids along with their great sense of humour made the trip even more enjoyable – thank you so much to the wonderful staff for making our day so enjoyable. This is a must do for any one visiting Wa.

Visited February 2014

We saw the dolpins”

Reviewed 20 February 2014

The cost is $10 for adults and $ 5 for kids that is for 3 entries, but you need to get there early, the first day we missed the dolphins bit the second day they came around 3 times. The kids loved it.

Visited December 2013

 “Day with the Dolphins”

Reviewed 16 February 2014 via mobile

Wow wow wow dolphins everywhere as the summer months are breeding season mothers with babies just beautiful.

Visited February 2014

 “Good place to see wild dolphins if you haven’t”

Reviewed 15 February 2014

We went to the dolphin discover centre in Bunbury on a morning 1030 and discover no sighting at the beach so far. We were recommended to take the cruise to see them so we paid $49.5 per person for the 1.5 hr cruise.
The cruise was smooth and commentary is clear. We came quite close to the flock of dolphins and were with them for around 45 minutes.
It was worth the money if you have not seen them in the wild.
Otherwise, you can pay $10 for 3 visits to the indoor exhibition where you can see some marine creatures in tanks.

 “Fantastic Day Out for Everyone.”

Reviewed 13 February 2014

We enjoyed a fantastic cruise on Koombana Bay, and encountered loads of dolphins, resting, feeding, surfing and jumping out of the water. This cruise does not guarantee dolphin sightings however, I don’t know anyone who has been on this cruise that has not been lucky enough to spot a dolphin.

Visited January 2014

 “Lovely day”

Reviewed 9 February 2014

My daughter and i went on this tour today and had a great time. Our host was informative and the crew of volunteers were great. It was a windy morning and the current was very strong so we didnt stay in the water too long as i didnt have the strength to continue. Our trip was funded by friends as a gift towards my bucket list as i have terminal cancer. I didnt get up close and personal with the Dolphins but i still enjoyed the day. This is a great opportunity for those who wish to swim with Dolphins and have good swimming/snorkeling skills. The center itself is worth a visit with some lovely fish tanks to view.

Visited February 2014

“Great day!”

Reviewed 9 February 2014

Fantastic experience, saw lots of dolphins including a week old baby! So cute :-) We had a group swim right underneath us when we were in the water…definitely recommend this trip!

 “The dolphin swim…”Reviewed 5 February 2014 via mobile

I booked and attended the dolphin swim on a Saturday afternoon. It was great! I thought it was great that the marine biologist spent time discussing how to approach and respect the dolphins, explained about the different dolphins in the bay and about dolphins generally. As I’m anti captivity focused for dolphins and whales, I found this centre respectful of the animals and very education focused. I would very highly recommend this swim experience. Great job guys!!

Visited February 2014


Reviewed 12 January 2014

Really good low cost experience and whilst we missed the dolphins morning feeding the rest of the Centre was great.

Visited January 2014

 “Swim with dolphins”

Reviewed 11 January 2014

Wanted to endorse the swim with dolphins tour. Staff were helpful, very knowledgeable and engaging. Many dolphin encounters experienced. Before the experience we were in two minds because of the cost but all who went unanimously agreed that it was very worthwhile.

 “Great for children especially at feeding time”

Reviewed 6 January 2014

We have been twice and haven’t seen the dolphins but plan to go again next week (three entries on one ticket is excellent value). It’s a great place even without seeing the dolphins and the fish feeding time is great fun for children.

Visited October 2013

11 January 2014

Wanted to endorse the swim with dolphins tour. Staff were helpful, very knowledgeable and engaging. Many dolphin encounters experienced. Before the experience we were in two minds because of the cost but all who went unanimously agreed that it was very worthwhile.

30 December 2013

My daughters (11 & 9 ) and I undertook the swim with the dolphins experience .
I can’t rate the staff , volunteers and experience highly enough . Phil made a point of engaging my nervous 9 yr old straight up, distracting her from her nerves, he explained & reinforced frequently that while the it’s likely to interact with dolphins it’s not a guarantee … It was a fabulous 3 hours , great equipment , super safe and informative and just a beautiful setting .
What is the absolute pearl of this experience is the fabulous mix of tourisim and research/conservation( in collaboration with Murdoch university )All interaction with dolphins on the tour get logged & contribute to their bank of information on the bottlenose dolphins . I also have to applaud the volunteer program at the centre – these people are possibly the nicest people making the dolphin discovery centre just about the happiest place in WA – thank you so much & don’t ever change – you are doing a fabulous job – Via Trip Advisor

 28 December 2013

I chose this experience for my wife and kids and myself and it was absolutely first class from start to finish.
Car parking was ample.
Price was expensive but worth every penny!!
Phil our guide was fantastic as my wife and kids were not the strongest of swimmers….he was great with them and to swim in the same vicinity as wild dolphins was fantastic….close enough you could touch them at times……nothing like the false swimming pool settings we have seen before….this is all natural dolphin environment…..  Nice cup of coffee after too!

26 December 2013

I gave my daughter & granddaughter a dolphin swim for xmas & they absolutely loved it. Highly reccommended

16th December 2013

Thank you on behalf of all our venturer scouts and us leaders, we had a wonderful time, the venturers haven’t stopped talking about it, Would recommend your centre to others without a doughty, thanks for everything you did for us, We loved all the photo’s you did up too, Cheer’s again Have a great Christmas and New Year – Via Email Maree Thompson, Pickles Auctions

15th December 2013

Just would like to say a very huge thankyou. Today 15th december i went out this morning for your dolphin swim which was my birthday present from my fiance who came with me, i had such a magical and wonderful time also high light of my day was a dolphin swimming in front of me about 30cm in front and around me. this was extra special to me as a child to my teenager years my bedroom was covered in dolphins and whale with bedding wall decorations and everything dolphin my mum could buy me and during school everychance i got i would do my assignments on dolphins and whales ( so you have an idea for my love for dolphins) today was the magical moment where my dreams came true and was something ill always remember and defiantly coming back in January and bringing my eldest son who is 8 something i would love him to experience and have already highly recommend it to friends and family to head to bunbury and to let them have same experience as me. I would also like to thank the tour guide i had today with her magical stories on how dolphins live and also the story of Nicky the dolphins recovery after her accident touched my heart and how dolphins are such loving creature’s. please let her know that she made my experience very educational and also more calming with her talking to me when i was unsure of hoping in the water she was fantastic and take my hat off to her making the tour so much more enjoyable. guess ill see you guys in the new year with my son another excited adventure like myself and will defiantly wont stop at just 2 tours and hope for many more to come. – JennaVia Email

10 December 2013

Activities at the centre is informative, but limited. But when the main attraction of the dolphins, there is always a lot of excitement. We stayed overnight at Bunbury just to catch the dolphins in the morning and we were not disappointed. Three dolphins came in and the centre staff and volunteers will sound the bell and everyone will go out to the beach and into the water. The dolphins came as close as just a metre away. The kids were excited even though they were cold. We managed to get good videos as well. One thing great about the tickets is that it entitles you to three visits to the centre with no expiry date. Via Trip Advisor

9th December 2013

Just wanted to send a quick note through, I brang my Year 4 class from St Brigid’s in Collie to the centre today. I can not thank you enough for the fantastic job you did. The students were engaged the entire time and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They learnt so many new things and couldn’t stop talking about it on the way home. Thank you for keeping the students engaged at a very difficult time of the year!!! Christine via Email

1 December 2013

Informative centre with helpful and friendly staff. Take your bathers and relax on the beach as you may have a wait for the dolphins to come in. Alternatively pay a bit extra and go out on the boat trip to view these beautiful creatures feeding and resting in the bay. We were lucky enough to watch a pod of about 20 pushing the fish towards the beach and feeding. For the more adventurous you can don a wet suit and swim with dolphins. Via Trip Advisor

 27th November 2013

I would just like to thank you and your organisation for providing an excellent learning opportunity for my class (Amaroo Year 2) yesterday.  The children and adults had a fabulous time and I have recommended the experience to my peers and colleagues at school.  Please pass on my gratitude to Phil also for his expert guiding and knowledge about dolphins. Thanks once again, Naomi Bennett Amaroo Primary School

26th November 2013

After you enter the Dolphin Discovery Centre keep an ear out for the dolphin spotters on the beach. The will be a signal letting you know that a dolphin is near the shoreline. To avoid disappointment wear bathers so you can wade in and line up so the dolphin can swim by. The satff are quite strict on what you can and can’t do so ‘go with the flow’ to enjoy the experience. Via Trip Advisor

23rd November 2013

The Dolphin Discover Centre is a great facility.  The staff are very knowledgeable, friendly and passionate about marine life.  They have a vast number of tanks and displays of all manner of critters.  Not to mention the dolphins that frequently visit the bay, and will some and say hi to you if you’re game enough to get your feet wet.  Great fun and it’s worth a look. Via Trip Advisor

18th November 2013

I am emailing you to say a HUGE thank you for the adopt a dolphin program. What a fantastic idea for us dolphin fanatics!! Last night I adopted Eclipse and I look forward to reading about her and I also look forward to visiting the dolphin discovery center (which we do every time we’re in or near Bunbury) and hopefully seeing Eclipse & her friends close up.  This is such an honor and privilege to be able to adopt a dolphin and support your fantastic and noble course and I look forward to many years of adoption! Angela via Email

18th November 2013

The first time I brought my son there, it was around 3pm and there wasn’t any dolphins near the shore. We enjoyed the exhibits and the touch pool but don’t expect too much as the place is really small. We love seahorse feeding and learnt alot about them too. The tickets allow us 3 entries so we went back a second time a few days later. It was about 10am in the morning and we were really lucky. There were a few dolphins swimming a distance away but none seems to be interested in coming near the shore. It takes alot of patience and some luck. One of them finally swam up really close. We were all in awe! Seeing wild dolphin swim up close while standing in knee-deep sea water is not something we do everyday. Via Trip Advisor

11th November 2013

Fantastic experience for our family (children aged 1, 3, 5 & 7). We were fortunate enough to meet Cracker the Dolphin before heading out for a Dolphin cruise, where we were blessed to see around 30 dolphins.
Definite value for money (cost us $150 including cruise) AND you get to come back another 2 times under the same ticket! Beats our previous Dolphin experience by miles! Staff and volunteers are very friendly and knowledgeable. Very accommodating and helpful with the kids. Via Trip Advisor

9th November 2013

The Bunbury coast is home to hundreds of dolphins and our tour guide & boat captain knew several spots where the dolphins normally congregate. The 90 minute boat trip was a lot of fun and we saw lots of dolphins swimming close to our boat. It was sad to see several boats speeding well above the speed limits, since it disturbs the dolphins’ habitats. All in all, well worth the time spent on this trip with family and friends Via Trip Advisor

30 October 2013

Went for the morning whilst visiting family in Bunbury. Lovely set up and coming from England, it was nice to see the different wildlife. We even spotted a dolphin out in Koombana Bay, however it didn’t come in close enough, but it was there! Staff were really helpful and friendly. Via Trip Advisor

25 October 2013

Staff are so friendly and the kids can interact. Outside they also have a new playground and walk direct onto the beach. Via Trip Advisor

22 October 2013

Lovely Centre run by volunteers who are enthusiastic friendly and helpful. Reasonably priced. Definately worth a visit. Via Trip Advisor

18th October 2013

Very friendly informative staff. you can return twice more on same ticket. we went 3 different days. seen dolphin’s only at a distance once. worth a visit. Via Trip Advisor

11th October 2013

No dolphins on the morning we went. In fact I’ve now been several times and have yet to see any. I know that this can happen . People taking kids need to be aware they may not see any. Displays inside well done. Lots of information for all. Touch pool too. They now give you a pass that allows you to return twice with no end date. Great idea.

5th October 2013

Even if you are unlucky to miss the real thing swimming close by the shore, the centre is still well worth visiting for the knowledgeable volunteers, fascinating videos, displays and digital videodome. Great for adults and children alike!

 5 October 2013

We loved the aquarium and the volunteers were friendly and informative. Unfortunately the weather was against us and the dolphins were playing hard to find, but a lovely Eco Cruise around the bay with a great guide. Via Trip Advisor

22 September 2013

We had heard lots about the Dolphin DIscovery Centre prior to visiting. We heard about it on the radio, in many brochures and we looked it up on the internet. It looked really good from all the pictures so we decided to put away half a day to do it. We were a little dissapointed though, the dolphins didn’t come and the weather was cold, rainy and windy. It has potential to be a great tourist attraction, but there wasn’t enough on display. We only stayed about 1 hour which was sad. I think if the weather was better though it would have been much more fun! The 360 degree dolphinarium was so cool! It was very interesting to watch what the dolhpins get up to under the water! Via Trip Advisor

31st August
Thanks for the talk Ray, lovely place! Janelle and Helen via Visitor Book
27th August
Eye-opening, great & friendly staff – Awesome!! KL Chew via Visitor Book
26th August
There are few places in the world where you can have close interaction with Dolphins in their own environment. The dolphin discovery centre has an interactive display and they can organize a sight seeing tour into the bay where you can actually swim with the dolphins. Koombana Bay has approximately 300 Dolphins living in around it, so it’s seldom you don’t see any.  If you come to Bunbury, you must visit the Dolphin Discovery Centre. JT T via Trip Advisor
11th August
Excellent place and amazing volunteers! G Murphy via Visitor Book
21st July
Not the most exciting place but definitely worth going. You will learn a lot. I don’t know if I am lucky but we had dolphines visiting every 3 times I went there. Rolf H, via Trip Advisor
16th July
Tour guide had great personality and heaps of info. we only had to go out in the bay and they were there. Mis J via Trip Advisor
11th July
The Centre is a not-for-profit organisation. All the staff are very helpful and very well-informed, as are the team of volunteers. Inside you can watch the feeding of the eels, octupus and loggerhead. A touch pool, and volunteers with heaps of information. 3D movie isn’t top of the wazza, but fun to watch. No dolphins close up in the bay today, but again, volunteers with heaps of information about their breeding, who has been to visit recently, and where to go to see if they are somewhere else in the bay. Entry is very reasonable, and includes two visits back, no charge. So maybe dolphins next time. Will try over the spring-summer for the swim with the dolphins. elk65 via Trip Advisor
9th July
Amazing to see a facility running to educate the public about marine mammals and other marine life through interactive means which do not invade their right to live out in the wild! Keep doing what you’re doing DDC! Nicole via Visitor Book
27th June
Wow! what an experience for our little ones! Thankyou for an informative and enjoyable day :o ) St Josephs School Waroona, via Visitor Book
2nd June
Awesome Discovery Centre, brilliant information – Thankyou! Family, Via Visitor Book
22nd May
Thankyou for teaching us about dolphins and sea life, staff were wonderful! Goldup Family, via Visitor Book
9th May
Honest establishment – staff/signage before the entry explained that we had arrived outside the dolphin season, and being wild creatures, sightings were not guaranteed. We took our chances anyway, and signed up for the cruise (which includes access to the centre). We easily passed 2 hours browsing around the centre while waiting for the cruise to depart, including watching the octopus/fish feeding, viewing the 3D movie and “dolphinarium”. Lots more models, displays, etc about dolphins, which was complemented by chatty staff happy to share their knowledge with you. One dolphin came to the beach during out visit – the centre has staff looking out and when they ring a bell, everyone rushes out to see the dolphin. Best of all, we did see dolphins on the cruise! There were only 9 passengers on the cruise, which meant everyone could easily move around the boat to get the best view of the dolphins. The captain did a great job keeping us close by the dolphins, who were quite friendly and swam under our boat a couple of times. During the 1.5 hour cruise, we would have had a good 50 minutes of being within metres of a pod of 9 dolphins, including 2 calves. At times, we were close enough to hear them breathing through their blowholes, and twice a cheeky dolphin thumped his tail close enough to almost splash us! It was mentioned that one would see many more dolphins during the peak season, but I was very happy with our experience as we had the place (well, boat) to ourselves and no one needed to clash elbows to get a good view or photo. Bonus – decent onsite cafe to feed our hungry family after we disembarked! Bicton_Central via Trip Advisor

7th May

Missed out by 2 days seeing 11 dolphins come in close, did see one on the day of visit. Caught great pictures of it surfacing. There are small exhibits in the building, with talks whilst feeding the fish, etc., Staff are extremely friendly.  I did think it was a little weird, setting wise, as you are right in an industrial section but that doesn’t seem to bother the dolphins! Visited April 2013, simplyjewellery via Trip Advisor

29th April
These dolphins are completely in their natural habitat and it is so lovely to see them. We got there for 8.30am after a long drive and within about half an hour the bell rang and we stood in the water whilst a wild dolphin came swimming around us freely. He hung around for about half an hour. They fed him a small treat (an equivalent to a chocolate bar) so he still has to hunt for his own food to survive. The dolphins come into the bay because it is shallow and safe for them to breed and live. They come to the shore because they trust the people, you aren’t allowed to touch them it is up to the dolphin if it wants to come along to you and touch you.  After about another half an hour the bell rang again and we went back into the water with the dolphins.  At 11am we went on the Eco cruise which was also absolutely amazing – we was constantly looking at dolphins (there are about 200 dolphins that live in the bay during the mating season which ends at the end of April.) We saw the dolphins resting, playing, chasing fish.
It is a truly amazing experience!   Next time I will be sure to go in the summer and get there earlier so I can do the swim with them.
All the people are volunteers and really tell you a lot of facts about the dolphins. Laura 3119 via Trip Advisor
27th April
Due to weather we didn’t get to be in water with dolphins but the whole experience is wonderful. All the volunteers are so friendly & share experiences with you happily.  Lots to see inside also & well worth visiting whatever the weather or your age.
My friend from UK was very impressed.  Vanessa K, via Trip Advisor
8th April
he highlight of this place is the up close and personal view of wild Dolphins – but only if you are prepared to stand in knee-deep water and get the occassional splash from these amazing animals.  There’s a gift shop with lots of quirky gifts and souvenirs and also a bit of an educational area – but that really isn’t the best part.  Go early in the morning and wear shorts. You won’t be disappointed. dandd_au, via Trip Advisor
5th April
Had a wonderful experience watching the dolphins up close.  Very impressed with the knowledge and enthusiasm of the volunteers. Thanks! Jon, Helen, Matthew & Robyn Via Visitor Book
3rd April
Had an amazing trip out on the Eco Cruise saw at least 30-40 dolphins – fantastic! Thankyou Teresa, Terry Rob & Jas Via Visitor Book
2nd April
Lovely staff, happy kids, happy parents :o ) Dee Via Visitor Book
24th March
My sister was visiting me in Perth from the UK in March this year and one of her all time wishes was to swim with dolphins so my task was set. Finding a experience for her to try in their most natural environment I thought was going to be a task which would be impossible - but no – thanks to The Dolphin Experience in Bunbury it was very simple a quick call the the reservation staff and a credit card number and it was all done quick as a flash. On the day of the swim it was a cool dull morning and we thought that the trip would be cancelled due to the weather but to our excitement it was not and we were all suited up with our wet suits and soon off in the boat for our swim experience. The staff we absolutely excellant and very informative giving us the knowledge of dolpin habits and it was not long before we saw a family with a very small immature swimming baby alongside us. Once we were at the appropriate place where is was safe for us to enter the water we were treated to an up close and personal experience with wild dolphins coming up to us and swimming under us – an experience that everyone should have once in their lifetime. Jane Via Trip Advisor
21st March
Why would you spend 2 days out of your holiday to go to Monkey Mia to have the dolphins come swimming up to you paddling in the water when you can do the same thing at Bunbury.  Had 3 dolphins come in and swim around us for about 10 minutes.  Staff very helpful and informative.  We something like this on the east coast. Kaye Via Trip Advisor
14th March
Feeding time for turtle & Octopus was very informative & the octopus was fun. If you want to see Dolphins you have to go early, we went too late but there had been dolphins in that morning. nice little cafe & great staff. we whiled away a couple of hrs easally. Well done dolphin centre & the work you are doing. OzzieDadong Via Trip Advisor
7th March 2013

I’m sorry I’ve been so tardy in saying Thank You, but we have had a very busy time with family over from the UK.
It really was a wonderful trip, as too was the beach interaction with the dolphins – and I believe the experience is an absolute must for anyone visiting Bunbury. Thank you again. Kind Regards, Jo via email

6th March 2013

This experience was awesome.  Good to see a place that is all for the dolphins – non profitable Rachel via Visitor Book

22nd February 2013
Awesome dolphin cruise – saw babies, dolphins jumping & playing :o ) Baby Nella & Anu & Heikki (Finland) via Visitor Book
16th February 2013
Fascinating! many interesting information.  We loved it.  The dolphin was awesome! Never had an experience like this :o ) Thankyou Franzi, Paola & Jana (Berlin, Germany) via Visitor Book
4th February 2013
Thank-you Dolphin Centre & helpful volunteers… A fantastic day for client visits in Bunbury… and lucky enough to stop by and meet the beautiful dolphin Eclipse up close! Highlight of the day!!! Shelf Companies Australia via Facebook

24th January 2013

Fantastic day with you guys. I loves your professionalism and respect for the dolphins. Loved it. Well done. A Tandy via Facebook

12th January 2013

Hi, we have just spent the past week and a half in Bunbury and came to your centre most days as well as doing the Eco Cruise. I had to drop you a note to say THANK YOU so much to all the wonderful volunteers and staff working there. Everyone we met was lovely and spent so much time interacting with my two young children and telling them all about the sea creatures in the centre, they never wanted to leave! And of course the dolphins visiting was just magical! M Hood via Facebook

9th January 2013

I just wanted to write and say thank you to the staff and volunteers at the Discovery Centre for making my experience a greatly rewarding one upon my visits. I am a person with a physical disability, and yet found that it was absolutely no barrier to being able to enjoy what the Centre offers. I did both the ‘sighting’ early one morning, and also the snorkelling interaction cruise. The staff were extremely helpful and accommodating – helping me at every step of the way to get around and participate in as much as possible. I remember thinking at the time that I had not encountered such willing and cheerful assistance in a very long time. So thank you to all at the Centre and may the new year bring you luck and many more sightings :) B McDonald via Facebook

1st January 2013

Hi, I wanted to write to you & let you know how much we enjoyed our recent visit. We were there the week before Christmas. We came twice during our break in Bunbury. The first visit there were so many new dolphins that had never visited before, so we were told by your staff. There were 10 or so dolphins that came to visit & it was wonderful. Your staff throughout the whole centre were so helpful & really entertained the children. There is so much more to do than we thought & ended up spending the whole morning with you. We came from Perth & would recommend anyone to make the short journey as it is really worth it. My daughters used the word ‘magical’ & I totally agree with them. It was such good value for money too. Well done to all involved. Regards T Nunnington – Perth WA via Email

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