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Marine Matters

      Marine Matters - by Phil Coulthard As featured in the South Western Times - 18th May 2017 How will you celebrate World Oceans Day this year? That’s the question we should all be asking ourselves leading up to the big day on the 8th June. Irrespective of your level of passion or interest for the marine environment in general, healthy oceans are critical for our short term well-being and our long term survival. They generate the air we breathe, they regulate our climate and they provide invaluable resources which we could not survive without so take the opportunity and become involved in this very special day. Although the overall aim of World Oceans Day is simply to remind us all on how important the oceans are, the progressive growth in its popularity over the last 20 years has gone a long way towards making some real changes within the global community. Not only has it secured a collaborative effort amongst international governments, environmentalists and community groups to combat the health and sustainability of our oceans, it has also managed to change the way many of us interact with the ocean and our environment in general. It also offers a fantastic opportunity to discover the diversity of creatures and habitats that exist within it, how our daily lives affect them and how we are all genuinely interconnected. Most importantly, it helps us to identify what actions and modifications ‘WE’ can make as individuals and as a community to collectively make a difference both now and in the future. Sanctioned by the United Nations and driven by an international network of over 1000 aquariums, zoo’s, museums and marine centres, the day opens a wide range of activities under this year’s theme - “Our Oceans, Our Future”. With a conservation action focus on plastic pollution, involvement in the day might be spending an hour or two cleaning up a section of your favourite beach or simply avoiding the deliberate use of single use plastics. Alternatively you could organise your own event and encourage the entire family, street, school or town to get involved. Visit the official website for more information on the day, ideas on what you can do and a long list of resources that are available. All information, materials and resources on this site are free to use and the ‘Find an Event’ page will also direct you to local events and activities conducted in your area. A perfect example would be the celebration of our oceans at the Dolphin Discovery Centre here in Bunbury. Entry will be FREE for everyone on the day and include kids story time with Louie the dolphin at 1030 am followed by a presentation on dolphins and whales by a leading scientific researcher at 1130. The interactive displays, multi-media presentations and aquarium feeding sessions will be also be on offer along with the chance to see a real wild Bottlenose dolphin down on the beach. For more information on the activities and presentations call the Centre by phoning 97913088 any day between 9am – 2pm or visit the Centre’s website or Facebook page.            

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