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The Dolphin Discovery Centre is involved in the local community on a regular basis, check out some of the stories:

27th April 2012

West Busselton Primary School Visit to the Dolphin Discovery Centre 

3rd March 2012

Childrens Funday for the Aquaspectacular weekend

16th January 2012

National Geographic  - discovering dolphins in Koombana Bay

29th August 2011
Dolphin Discovery Centre’s plans for a multi million dollar upgrade has made the press.

14th July 2011

Live Broadcast from the Dolphin Discovery Centre

From Our Blog

Turtles washing up on our beaches

Last weekend saw the first marine turtle stranded along our coast for winter 2014. It was a Green Turtle and was found lying on its back near Dalyellup beach by a local beach walker. Measuring almost 45cm’s

Dolphin Update

The last 4 weeks have been incredible for our local dolphins with calm weather and warm water creating the perfect scenario for the tail end of their breeding season. There are still a lot of dolphins

Banning of Whale killings

Can someone please explain to me why it has taken so long to stop the killing of whales in our southern oceans?  Despite the International Whaling Commission (IWC) enacting a moratorium on all commercial

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