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Horst Rechelbacher

Adopted by Afreya Hair Beauty & Tanning Salon
Renamed Horst Rechelbacher
Horst is teeny tiny turtle 🐢 on a mission of environmental leadership, social responsibility and above all LOVE. He believes in treating ourselves, each other, and the planet with care and respect. “Ask ourselves: How can we serve, nurture and sustain the planet and its people in our business ventures?” -Horst Rechelbacher, founder of Aveda
Location Found  City Beach, Perth
Date Found  August 1st 2017
Initial Weight & Length Weight 135 grams Length  8.6 cm
Distinguished Markings Horst Rechelbacher has most of it's right front flipper missing.  This was an old, fully healed injury.
Latest Weight and length Weight 1610 grams Length 22.5cm 16th March 2018
Overall Progress Horst Rechelbacher was taken to Perth Zoo after being rescued from City Beach after a winter storm. After being treated for "Floating Syndrome" from being stranded, it was admitted to the Dolphin Discovery Centre for rehabilitation. Before long it began to dive short depths for food, and it can now dive well and stay submerged to rest. It has fully adapted from losing part of the front flipper, so it will be perfectly capable of being released when it is able to dive properly and it's rehabilitation is complete.
Funding received so far  $0.00

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