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Turtle Rehabilitation

At this time of the year it is normal for turtles to be washing up on our beaches. When they are first found and brought in to us we give them the initial assessment of healthiness and their condition. They then are taken up to Perth Zoo to have a veterinarian check and to receive any medical treatment they made need. The turtles that will be able to be rehabilitated and able to recover will get sent back to us for further care. Once we know they are healthy and on their way to recovery, they will be placed in our Discovery Centre for the public to view and to keep track of their progress.
Name: Donatello
Weight: 169g
Injuries: Front Right Flipper missing
Location Found: City Beach
Treatment: Has been given Fortum (antibiotic)

Name: Michelangelo
Weight: 115g
Injuries: Front Left Flipper missing
Location Found: Secret Harbour
Treatment: None
Name: Theo
Weight: 107g
Injuries: Missing front right flipper
Location Found: Two Rocks
Treatment: Has been given Fortum (antibiotic)

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