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Marine Turtle Rescue Project

The Dolphin Discovery Centre would appreciate any assistance you can give in encouraging friends and family in coastal areas to keep an eye out for any stranded turtles that may have been washed ashore following a recent storm.   If you find a stranded turtle
  • Please do NOT return it to the ocean as the cold waters will ultimately kill it as they are unable to regulate their own body temperature.
  • Wrap the animal in a wet towel and transport it in a box or esky to the Dolphin Discovery Centre - Lot 830 Koombana Drive Bunbury.  If you are out of town, please phone 97913 088 to arrange a pick up.
  • Please take particular care with larger turtles as they may bite and some have sharp spurs on their flippers.
Once we receive the turtle we will arrange a veterinary examination and place the animal in a rescue tank where we will gradually increase the water temperature so that the animal does not go into shock.  We will liaise with the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (old Department of Parks and Wildlife) and the turtle will be sent on to higher levels of care at the Perth Zoo where necessary or maintained at the Dolphin Discovery Centre until they are restored to health so that they can be released into warmer Northern waters. All sea turtles are endangered species so we would really appreciate your help in rescuing any that become stranded. Our most recent release was "Squirt", a young Loggerhead Turtle who was rescued in Albany by Sue from Albany Wildlife Rescue in January 2012 and was just released in Exmouth in July 2013.  This year we currently have 18-20 turtles that have been washed up and rescued and brought to us for recovery. Please help us fund this project by donating through our GoFundMe campaign. Go Fund Me Logo Any Donation is gratefully accepted. Or you can check out the Corporate Adopt a Turtle Project or just donate to a specific turtle.

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