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Day of the Octopus

Hi All, Saturday was a very hot, summery day and when we arrived at the DDC Levy and Aurora were already in the Interaction Zone and spent a good hour with our Visitors & Volunteers. Anyone that wants to see dolphins on the beach should try to get down here early! We did a quick check on Uber – all good. Water reasonably cool – excellent! Wobbegong shark looking happy –nice! Inside the Discovery room, all looked ok. Animals seemed all happy and healthy. At the 10am feed of course “INKY” the Occy was the star performer, giving me her usual shower that left me feeling a lot cooler due to my now wet clothes! She is such a darling and has taken to holding my hand on occasion as I speak about her….I managed to gently stroke her between the eyes , which most octopus seem to enjoy. Inky amazed and amused visitors with her water squirting antics! She also wowed some visitors who were asking me about the octopuses ability to change colour. I took them over to Inky’s tank. She was at this time quite pale and content having just eaten quite a bit of food. I slowly opened the lid and put my hand into her tank. Inky instantaneously became a lovely dark browny-red in colour - it was AWESOME to see and visitors were very impressed! LEGO is also working on her water squirting, and is steadily improving her ability to spray water – BEWARE. She also likes to try getting out of her tank, so don’t leave the lid open on her, because she might try to go walk about!!! She climbed up my hands and I must have looked funny as I tried to juggle her back into her tank – phew! Be warned feeders – she can be a tricky one! She is pretty quick as well! My daughter Seraphene seems to have made a new friend with this octopus. Lego held Seraphene for several minutes before trying to pull her into the tank with her! Serephene was a little frightened, but after reassuring her, she relaxed and so did Lego. She loves the Octopus as much as I do now & realises how special these amazing creatures are!
Photo taken by Seraphene Arena
I only saw one of the snowflake eels, so keep your eyes open for the other one. The two of them were chasing each other a few weeks ago in a seemingly aggressive manner, however, perhaps it was a mating ritual? Fed Uber the Green Sea Turtle about 570g of prawns, squid and fish and she was still eager for more! Her tankmate the Wobby had her appetite back and ate several pieces of fish and squid, including one piece of fish within which was hidden her vitamin tablet – high five! PJ, was not so accommodating, fooling me into thinking he had taken down his vitamin pills only to see them ejected out of his gill slits as per usual! Damn you PJ!! I will try feeding a cockle shell as Jan suggested, perhaps that will do the trick – keep tuned to this space to find out how I get on! Whilst I was trying to feed PJ, FATAL snuck up on me and “YEEEOOOOUUUCHH!” he attempted to take a hunk out of my finger again! He definitely is very much bolder than he used to be – NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY, FAT AL!!! I did a walking tour of the DDC with our visitors, I talked a little about the history of the DDC and its development to what we have now and some of what was planned for the future. Thanks to all the vollies that helped me out during the day. I bumped into so many with plenty of new faces and names to learn. Thanks to Alex, Kassoum, Emily, Xen, Carla, Dot, Bob, Auriah (top name), who all helped out in the Discovery Room from time to time either on the Wednesday when I filled in for Crazy Dave or during my usual Saturday. Till next time.... John
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Hi All, Saturday was a very hot, summery day and when we arrived at the DDC Levy and Aurora were already in the Interaction Zone and spent a good hour with our Visitors & Volunteers. Anyone that wants

VOLUNTEER JOHNS BLOG Had another fantastic day last Saturday at the Dolphin Discovery Centre! I drove in along the ocean drive and, as I glanced at the beautiful ocean and sunny blue sky, I thought