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Is it a bird?..Is it a plane?? No it’s SUPERDOLPHIN!!!!

Sorry about the corny title for this blog but really it's SUPERDOLPHIN! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, SUPERDOLPHIN appeared in Koombana Bay last weekend to the delight of our swim tour guests! What can only be described as an EPIC SWIM TOUR, the last tour for this summer was by far our best … Continue reading Is it a bird?..Is it a plane?? No it’s SUPERDOLPHIN!!!!

Cuttlefish Feast

We know our dolphins are pretty amazing but the latest research paper from the Murdoch team has highlighted how smart they really are! According to a scientific paper recently published in the Australian Journal of Zoology, researchers from Murdoch Universities Cetacean Research Unit (MUCRU) have documented Bunbury dolphins managing to consume giant cuttlefish, a behaviour … Continue reading Cuttlefish Feast

Latest Research Paper Released

Very exciting news to present to you the latest research paper from the Murdoch University Cetacean Research team based here at the Dolphin Discovery Centre. The paper entitled "Sex-Specific Patterns in Abundance, Temporary Emigration and Survival of Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops aduncus) in Coastal and Estuarine Waters" was authored by Dr Kate Sprogis and is a culmination … Continue reading Latest Research Paper Released

Dolphin Numbers Increase in Koombana Bay!

Hi everyone, my name is Phil and I am the Centres marine Biologist and the swimming with dolphins tour host. I just wanted to let you know that the past few weeks has seen a dramatic increase in the number of dolphins within Koombana Bay creating a real buzz of excitement for our swim tour participants. … Continue reading Dolphin Numbers Increase in Koombana Bay!

Interaction Zone Heats Up!

What an incredible start to the dolphin season! With a relatively quiet winter period now well and truly behind us,  the warmer water and perfect weather conditions have sparking a dolphin visits boom. Since the season Open Day celebrations on the 17th October, the Interaction Zone has recorded 42 visits from 9 local dolphins. This is a phenomenal … Continue reading Interaction Zone Heats Up!

From Our Blog

Hi All, Saturday was a very hot, summery day and when we arrived at the DDC Levy and Aurora were already in the Interaction Zone and spent a good hour with our Visitors & Volunteers. Anyone that wants

VOLUNTEER JOHNS BLOG Had another fantastic day last Saturday at the Dolphin Discovery Centre! I drove in along the ocean drive and, as I glanced at the beautiful ocean and sunny blue sky, I thought

14 Nov

VOLUNTEER JOHNS  AQUARIUM BLOG 6 November 2016 Yesterday was a magnificent day in Bunbury. We had a sunny day with clear blue skies and temperatures hitting 31 degrees, although for some it did