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VOLUNTEER JOHNS  AQUARIUM BLOG 6 November 2016 Yesterday was a magnificent day in Bunbury. We had a sunny day with clear blue skies and temperatures hitting 31 degrees, although for some it did seem a lot hotter. I did find a very flustered Japanese volunteer trying to cool down in the volly room. She did not seem to appreciate it when i told her that we are probably going to experience a lot hotter weather than 30 degrees in the weeks ahead! A couple of dolphins swam past the interaction zone, but I don't think they came into the zone itself as I can't recall hearing the bell ringing, anyway there was lots for me to do inside with the fish. Dory continues to look great - I gave her some enriched seaweed to start the day along with her usual treats. Of course she loved ALL of it and greedlily devoured anything she was offered! Eli (our Zebra Moray eel) ventured out of his hidey hole during the day, giving a few lucky visitors some nice photo opportunities. Our shy Snowflake eel that once lived in the power head cover, has gotten quite bold. It seems to have realised that since it has moved into the main tank, an eel has to be more assertive if it is to get a bite to eat (especially sharing a tank with Dory). I observed it eagerly pursuing and obtaining some pieces of prawn, despite challenges from its tank mates - high five! Had a quick look around the animals. All looked happy and in great condition - always great to see! Our animals are all very well looked after by us vollys! There were quite a few visitors around yesterday, but most were content to stay outside. They missed out as Inky was in good form squirting water at myself and towards the onlookers. Uber the rescued Green Sea Turtle ate about 470g of food yesterday! Of course she could have eaten much more. She was so hungry.and just seemed intent on eating as much as possible! Jan says that she was treated for internal parasites prior to her arrival at DDC, so she is just being greedy!!! A good sign for her, and she will probably be leaving us for the wild soon! The Bamboo Shark managed to take one piece of prawn into her mouth that had her vitamin pill in it - HOORAY!!! Back in the discovery room, Inky the Octopus gave me back her feedball along with the fish that was inside it - I guess she had enough to eat! It was interesting to experience Inky pushing the ball into my hand along with the fish - cool! She gave me a couple of good squirts in the face during the day which was great fun for me and the onlookers - nice one Inky! Lego the Octopus is still tending her eggs We are still hoping her eggs are viable, but this is highly unlikely. I guess in a few more weeks we will know for sure. Our Spiny Rock Lobster was a great attraction yesterday. Visitors were amazed when she raced over to my hand and latched onto it whilst I fed her some fish - awesome! Lots of comments involving her ending up on a dinner plate - I ignored those - how could you think of eating this gorgeous creature!!! Lots of interest in the Seahorses yesterday. Hopefully, we can get some females soon and let nature take its course - fingers crossed! There is one very "eager" male in there and he is ready to "go"! One of our volunteers, Ramona, showed me some or her pics and videos from her recent trip up the coast with her family. She got to experience some amazing things for sure. Ramona got to swim with Manta Rays and some Grey Reef Sharks - how exciting would that be? Lots of nice coral and fish pics too. I'm jealous! A visitor was telling me that they had a lovely interaction with some wild Sting-Rays at Hamelin Bay in our South-West on Friday. If you have not been there, it is well worth a drive as it is not far from Bunbury. You can interact with up to 3 species of Ray who are more than happy to take food from you! Some of these rays are huge at nearly 2 metres across! They are gentle giants though and I have no qualms being in the water with them. You don't have to wade out more than knee deep. Seraphene and I had a great day down there a few years ago and it is about time we went back to see these magnificent animals again. Finished off the day having a very interesting conversation with a visitor from England whom i found out was an artist. She was fascinated by our animals, particularly Uber the Turtle. She told me that Uber will inspire her next art works along with the patterns of our seastars which I showed her under our microscope! She gave me her card and if I do see her artworks depicting Uber, I will post a link to her website so that you can all have a peek at her work. It always so interesting speaking to the visitors, you never know what you are going to find out! A very BIG THANK YOU to my gorgeous daughter Seraphene for doing a brilliant job with the tank checks. Also thanks to the two vollys that helped me "mop up" after Inky's antics - thank you ladies! Another busy day at the DDC, but always enjoyable. I am already looking forward to next Saturday!  
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