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视频 – 国语旁白

视频 – 国语旁白

网上预约系统 – 英语



电话: (+618) 9791 3088

位置: Lot 830 Koombana Drive, Bunbury Western Australia 6230

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What an incredible start to the dolphin season! With a relatively quiet winter period now well and truly behind us,  the warmer water and perfect weather conditions have sparking a dolphin visits boom.

What an exciting day today for our lucky guests who joined the dolphin sightseeing tour. Not only did they enjoy a large family of dolphins playing in the Bay, but they also had the fortune to observe

If there is one thing winter brings to the south west that everyone loves it would have to be whales. Over the past few weeks a number of brief whale sightings have been reported however today has been